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Join The Opal Dental Locums Family

Opal Dental Locums isn’t just any agency – we’re a community. Rooted in various cities of the UK, we pride ourselves in matching exceptional dental nurses with fulfilling opportunities. Beyond a job, you gain experience, flexibility, and support. Ready to make a difference? Find your spot among us.

Open Roles

Dental Nurse Jobs - Nottingham

Meld into Nottingham's rich culture, ensuring quality dental care and benefiting from a flexible work schedule, continuous training opportunities, and a supportive team environment that only Opal Dental Locums can offer.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Derby

Joining our Derby team, not only do you get to work amidst picturesque landscapes but also enjoy the perks of diverse job placements, a competitive pay rate, and a community of professionals rooting for your growth.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Sheffield

Combine Sheffield’s industrial spirit with our unmatched agency benefits. Experience diverse work environments, consistent professional development, and the unique camaraderie of our Opal Dental Locums family.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Cambridge

Merge the ethos of Cambridge's academic world with Opal Dental Locums. In this city renowned for its educational pedigree, you're not just joining an agency, but a family. Enjoy tailored job assignments in a variety of clinics, supportive mentorship from seasoned professionals, and the balanced lifestyle we promote.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Lincoln

In Lincoln, where history breathes life into every corner, Opal Dental Locums provides a modern touch with its top-tier dental care opportunities. Here, you'll experience more than just its grand landmarks; you'll enjoy a blend of tailored job matches, consistent growth avenues, and the collaborative spirit of our close-knit community.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Peterborough

Amidst the backdrop of Peterborough's iconic landmarks, with Opal Dental Locums, you stand at the forefront of dental care. Dive into varied roles, enjoy a conducive work culture, and benefit from the continuous learning opportunities we pride ourselves on. Be part of an agency that values your growth just as much as the community's smiles.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Leeds

In the heart of Leeds, join a team that champions holistic professional growth – from a myriad of job opportunities, hands-on training sessions, to a community that always has your back.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Doncaster

In Doncaster, apart from serving a diverse community, our nurses revel in the benefits of competitive compensation, opportunities to upscale skills, and the unparalleled support of the Opal Dental Locums family.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Hull

In Hull, it’s more than just dental nursing. Experience the satisfaction of varied roles, a conducive work environment, and a plethora of growth avenues only Opal Dental Locums can provide.

Dental Nurse Jobs - Scunthorpe

In Scunthorpe, with Opal Dental Locums, step into roles that challenge and reward in equal measure. Benefit from our unwavering support, continuous learning opportunities, and a platform to shine in your dental nursing career.

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